From my studio in Birmingham Alabama, I am painting abstracts that connect landscapes in the South of France with the comfort of home, and the art of noticing. Whether I'm painting in gratitude, in hope, or in memory, I'm often moved by the precious, ordinary landscapes of life, and hope my paintings remind you of your own home, memories, and place in the world. I'd love to walk with you through the vineyards behind Bastien's family home or eat mango sorbet with you by the sea, but even so, I hope that my art leads you to see and notice the potential and beauty right under your nose!

Please peruse my little virtual Ouveillan studio and reach out with any questions. Bisou Bisou. Kiss Kiss.


“I am very proud to own a pair of paintings from Martha Lee Anne. Her work is beautiful, not only in the layers of movement, color, and texture that convey a sense of warmth, and the serene nature of French countryside, but also in the personal stories of inspiration behind each one of her pieces. Her message of beauty and continuing to move forward was exactly what I needed in the moment.”

Leigh Z. , Huntsville, AL